Intellectual property
and Information technology law

Advises, protects and defends the company and its creations in the digital age

Practices areas

Our firm, with 25 years of experience and expertise in new technologies and intellectual property, has developed several areas of expertise aimed at supporting the development of your business:

Business law

Handle pre-litigation

Data and technologies

IT contracts

Intellectual property

Industrial property law


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An international know-how

Being a lawyer implies acting as a man of reflection and thinking as a man of action.

HAAS Avocats has been a member of the GESICA network since 1999.

As the first international network of French-speaking lawyers, GESICA has been active for more than 25 years in all fields of law.

GESICA gathers 2200 lawyers committing day-to-day to 200 000 clients by providing information, advice and by defending their interests down the road.

GESICA gathers more than 220 law firms, about fifty of which are located in the European Union and the rest of the world.

In 2014, Gérard HAAS was elected President of the GESICA network.

The GESICA network covers in France the majority of the courts of law (lower courts as well as courts of appeal). Therefore, HAAS Avocats has a specific and accurate knowledge of local jurisdictions.

GESICA’s global footprint also allows us to cover our clients’ needs to expand internationally, which is frequent in e-commerce.

What’s in it for our clients to be a member of the GESICA network?

HAAS Avocats enables international companies to benefit from the assistance of lawyers whose expertise in e-commerce and IT law is internationally recognized. While techniques and business are often the same in each country, applicable law is often different.

Skills tailored to your needs

Computer and network law, internet, telecoms, databases, multimedia, softwares, electronic communication and dematerialization, project management, specifications, digital strategy, big data, open data, personal data protection
Industrial property law (patents, trademarks, designs and models, technology transfer, know-how, Protected Designation of Origin, literary and artistic property law)
Business law, e-commerce, IT agreements, logistics
Banking law, electronic currency, wire payments, electronic strong box
Employment law, cybermonitoring, teleworking, mobility
Press law (defamation and slander), denigration and privacy
Corporate law
Commercial leases
Management of trademark portfolios (advice, clearance search, registration, renewal, license, valuation, opposition, seizure, infringement action, UDRP and Syreli proceedings, trademarks and domain names monitoring)
Copyright and related rights, audit of websites, music, video, database and software
Consumer law, competition law, distribution law
Personal data protection law (auditing, training, advising, litigating)
Advertising and marketing law, rights of publicity
Health law, biotechnology
Criminal law, cybercrime, identity theft
Enforcement procedures

HAAS Avocats' know-how and values

Our know-how has been built around 25 years of professional practice in intellectual property, technologies and communication law based on a thorough knowledge of the law and which is based on the following 7 values:
Passion for law
We are connected by a common passion for law and our profession. Being a lawyer means always moving forward, being curious and open to the world.
Our clients are entitled to expect the best from their lawyers. HAAS Avocats provides cross-disciplinary and adapted solutions.
We constantly foster challenge and openness to provide an answer where the existing legal framework does not offer one.
It does constitute an inherent value in the practice of law. It is the foundation of the constitution of an expertise and requires impeccable work.
Our ability to listen to our client, its needs and its market, allows us to provide the most appropriate response to its legal matters.
The human dimension of our profession is a major asset of a successful collaboration with HAAS Avocats and its lawyers.

Our intellectual property and digital law experience

We have represented clients in numerous cases relating to the provision of online services, licensing, data transmission, intellectual property, online revenge, undermining of reputation, unfair competition, fraud, IT agreements, data protection, data theft, e-commerce, secrecy protection, confidentiality and security, cloud computing, big data…

How do we set our fees ?

Lawyers’ fees are set according to customary practice, the client’s financial situation, the difficulty of the case, the costs incurred by the lawyer, its reputation and the lawyer’s diligence.

It is forbidden to set fees according exclusively to a judicial ruling. However, the lawyer and the client may, in addition to the remuneration for the services performed, provide for an additional fee depending on the result obtained or the service performed (French Law 71-1130 of December 31, 1971, article 10).

Furthermore, if an unknown or unforeseeable event at the origin of the relations between the parties subsequently occurs, the lawyer must inform its client that it will lead to an increase of the cost of its fees.

Finally, a fee agreement must always be entered into between the lawyer and its client, except in cases of emergency or force majeure (French Law 71-1130 of December 31, 1971, article 10).

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